Construction Document Software for Managing Multiple Digital Files

A Document Manager Software that is easy to use and manage is a must- have for multiple construction projects.  This way, Construction Project Managers can share and interact with documents in real time and in efficient way. Using a document file manager software that requires a separate login from your construction portfolio management system, though, simply replaces the paper barrier with a new (albeit digital) one. PMWeb lets you manage all your enterprise construction project data – including documents – from a single platform with one sign-on.

Construction-Document-SoftwarePMWeb’s Document Manager Software is a full featured electronic file management system within the PMWeb platform. With Document Manager Software you can:

  • Upload and store any electronic construction files your project needs
  • Control construction document editing through Check In, Check Out and Versioning
  • Add unlimited custom metadata to any record
  • Apply robust security settings that allow you to share folders without worry
  • Search documents, including their metadata and their contents
  • Attach Document Manager files to any PMWeb record

PMWeb Document Manager Software is not an add-on or a third-party plug-in. It was designed and built by PMWeb engineers to be an integral part of the construction portfolio management process and it features the same easy-to-use interface as the rest of PMWeb tools.

Document Manager Software makes file sharing in the cloud simple and secure

PMWeb can be used on any device capable of running a Web browser, with no apps or plug-ins required to install and maintain. Because of this, PMWeb Document Manager Software gives you unprecedented access to all of your documents, via the cloud. Sharing, collaborating on and approving documents have never been easier or more secure using PMWeb’s Document Manager Software.

How do you manage your multiple construction projects?  Please feel free to chime in by leaving a reply below.

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